Louisville Music Awards

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Who is in the Academy?

A:  We intentionally do not publish the names of our Academy Members to avoid “campaigning” on behalf of the artists.  Members are certainly welcome to disclose to whomever they choose that they are a member of the LMA Voting Academy and Nominating Committee.  The Academy is made up of individuals from throughout the music community.  Included are music writers, producers, club owners, booking agents, publicity experts, recording engineers, university music professors, bloggers, radio DJs, heads of music associations, influential musicians, and other influential members of the community who are passionate and educated about our local music scene.  The Academy includes representatives from every music genre we recognize with an award.  We currently have around 50 members of the LMA Academy.  The producers of the LMAs are NOT in the Academy and do not nominate or vote for the finalists and winners.  This is a significant time commitment and we thank all of the Academy members for their contribution to the LMAs.  If you know of an individual that would contribute to our Academy and is willing to donate their time to the process, please submit their name through the Suggestion Box on the website and, if appropriate, we will reach out to them.


Q:   Why wasn’t my band considered for an LMA?

A:   Your band may or may not have been considered for an LMA.  We only publish the four finalists in each category, not all artists that were nominated.  Over a two week period in the summer, the Academy makes recommendations, or nominations, for artists that they believe should be considered for a Louisville Music Award for that particular year.  The only requirement for nomination is that the artist is from or has strong ties to the Louisville/Southern Indiana area.  Academy Members might base their nominations on many things, including recent record releases, touring frequency, attendance at shows, or simply personal preference.  None of these are a requirement and an Academy member is not required to give a reason for their nomination.


Q:  What if no one in the Academy has ever heard of me or my music?

A:  Umm, well….

Actually we are currently creating a database where artists can submit their own work throughout the year.  The Academy will be given access to the database prior to the nominating process next year.


Q:  Why do you combine certain genres of music into one category?

A:  This is definitely and evolving process for us.  We had 9 categories the first year, we had 14 the second year.  We have 12 categories this year.  We might have more individual categories next year.  We look at several things when we establish the categories.  If we establish a category for a single genre, is there enough local representation in that genre to be able to recognize, with some variety, an artist every year for years to come?  Do we have enough members in the Academy representing this genre to reasonably expect them to nominate within that genre?  How many awards/categories can we reasonably recognize during the time constraints of our show?  How many physical awards can we provide based on our budget?


Q:  How much money is made on the LMAs?

A:  We have a number of wonderful sponsors who make in-kind (services, not cash) donations to our project.  We have not yet secured a title sponsor, or any sponsor, who has provided a monetary donation to defray the cost of producing the LMAs.  Along with the executive producer who originally conceptualized the idea for Louisville, two individuals volunteer many hours to coordinate the entire process and produce the show.  They are not paid.  The Academy members are not paid.  Our outright costs include venue rental, purchasing the physical awards, programs, T-shirts if feasible, and banner production.  The collection at the door the night of the event defrays a portion of these costs.  The remaining costs are personally paid by the individuals involved in putting on the show.  If you know of an organization that would like to become the title sponsor for our annual event, please submit their contact information through the Suggestion Box on the website. 


Q:  What is the point of all of this, anyway?

A:  Our goal is to bring attention to the quality and diversity of our local music scene and to recognize artists who have had a particularly special year.  Our event is intended to provide the unique opportunity for artists from all genres to come together with each other and with the public to support and celebrate one another.